CILIP Leadership Programme celebration 

I spent the afternoon, before the start of CILIP conference, with the first CILIP Leadership group programme in their final session of their programme.  The programme is being piloted in 2015-2016. Its aim is to create additional leadership capacity both within the profession and within CILIP membership. From what I saw this afternoon it’s certainly achieved this aim. The programme has produced a group of 19 confident leaders. 

Prior to the end of this final day the participants provided presentations on their projects. I joined CILIP staff (Nick, Simon and Luke), Jan Parry (Immediate Past President) and Martyn Wade (Chair of Council) for the presentations. The participants had been given a choice of four leadership projects, sourced from Regional Member Networks and Special Interest Groups, to allow them to put into practice skills they had learnt on the programme. The projects covered a variety of topics and involved strategic thinking and evaluation, communication with stakeholders and project management and reporting. All four projects came up with recommendations which provide plenty of food for thought for CILIP staff and the Board on helping members advocate to employers about the value of CPD and volunteering; raising awareness of Toolshed resources; and establishing buddy system for new committee members. 

Following the presentations we had the certificate celebration and here’s a picture of the first cohort complete with their certificates. Well done, a really great achievement and so good to know we have an exemplary set of confident leaders. Who knows maybe some of you will apply to become CILIP trustees or presidential team members. 


Tomorrow marks the start of the 2016 conference. I’m looking forward to an excellent programme in a spectacular venue, the Brighton Dome.



One thought on “CILIP Leadership Programme celebration 

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