Up, Up and away ….

SLA2014_Btn_AttendeeTwo weeks today & SLA’s annual conference will be starting in Vancouver. As well as last minute things like finalising my schedule I’m beginning to make my plans for the trip to Vancouver.

As I’ve shared my thoughts on preparing for conference before  I thought I’d share my traveller’s tips. As a good researcher I checked what others had to say on the subject. Here’s a great piece from the BBC America site with valuable advice on travelling to the US . I also consulted the flight attendants on my recent flight back from the US. When asked for their top three tips for surviving long flights they replied:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate;
  • Avoid alcohol, particularly if taking sleeping tablets or other drugs;
  • Set clock to new time zone and move into that time zone. It’s a mind game.

Here are my top tips for making flying as hassle free as possible:

source: http://bit.ly/1gtWhpG
source: http://bit.ly/1gtWhpG

* Put all your liquids in your carry-on luggage in a ziplock bag before you leave home so you won’t waste time at security.

* Keep your foreign currency easily accessible, and remember to take something to put your home country currency in (again ziplock bag or an envelope works well).

* Wear shoes that are easy to take off and put back on, to ease your passage through security;

* Take some snacks, dried fruit, cereal bars etc for the flight, just in case you get hungry.

* Have your headphones in your carry-on luggage as some airlines charge for these, while others provide them for free;

make sure to set your watch to the new time zone
source: http://bit.ly/1m9APEp

* In your carry-on luggage have a pen easily accessible, along with your passport and address of your hotel – you’ll need these to complete immigration form. Do it on the plane, don’t wait until you get to the arrivals hall;

* Set watch/phone/clock to destination time the moment you get on the plane.

* Move to new time zone and don’t keep saying it’s x (where x is the time zone you’ve come from) time for my body clock.

source: http://bit.ly/1k7aiEX
source: http://bit.ly/1k7aiEX


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate while flying, and try to avoid alcohol. Remember to take an empty water bottle in your hand luggage, and fill it up in the departure lounge.



Happy flying & remember the secret to successful flying is to stay hydrated, avoid alcohol & mentally move into the time zone of your destination.