CPD23 Thing 4: Current awareness

Current awareness, and keeping up with all that’s going on, has always been a time consuming, but necessary activity. This week’s activities help with keeping on top of information overload as well as helping to satisfy curious minds!


I’ve had a Twitter account, @katefromuk, since 2008. I’ve used it sporadically since to tweet, usually during conferences and events, to highlight interesting things I’ve learnt or heard. Until the last few months I’ve probably used it more to keep in touch with what’s going on in the info industry, as well as picking up interesting things to read, in effect using Twitter as a newsfeed, much like PA, AP etc provide. Since starting CPD23 I’ve begun to interact more with others on Twitter so now see it very much as a current awareness tool as well as a way for me to highlight things I’m interested in. Not forgetting publicising your latest blog posts! Or using it as a marketing tool for your library (see my Storify entry below).

RSS feeds

Keeping up with what others have said on their blogs is a lot easier using RSS feeds. I’ve set up a Google Reader feed for other information professionals’ blogs and found it useful.


I haven’t used this before, but have seen others using it. So it was good to be able to try it out, my attempt wasn’t very grade, quite basic really. However, it fits with the theme of this post being current awareness, as I pulled together all the tweets from the library I work in, which on 23 May had a day in its life on Twitter.

[View the story “NCB library day on Twitter ” on Storify]


CPD23 Thing 3: Personal brand

It’s been interesting to contemplate my personal brand. I’ve been in the information profession for over 20 years so have developed a personal brand which I’ve been careful to manage along with my career. It’s resulted in several awards recognising my contribution to the profession including last year becoming a Fellow of SLA and a Dialog Quantum2 InfoStar .

In fact I realise I’ve been following Ned Potter’s  advice to ‘match your brand to the path you want’, be prepared to take and give advice, share and learn from others.  Up until now I’ve done the bulk of this sharing, giving and taking advice and learning offline (at conferences, meetings, in print), with occasional dabbles online. I now realise I need to do more of it online, and this has been magnified by my standing as candidate for SLA’s President-Elect this year. With the majority of membership in North America and being based in the UK I need to get my message across using social media. So I’m beefing up my online presence. I am already on Twitter (@katefromuk) and LinkedIn. I’ve opted to keep my blog and Twitter names the same for consistency. I originally set up my Twitter account at SLA’s annual conference in Seattle in 2008 and so chose KatefromUK to differentiate me.  I’m jumping into the blog posting in an ordered fashion, helped by cpd23 and SLA’s candidates questions and answers. I’m taking advice and support from others in my plans to use my blog to put forward information about me, my values, what I’m standing for and what I plan to do if elected.

So watch this space….

CPD23 Thing 2: Exploring blogs

I’ve done thing 2, exloring other people’s blogs  and been entertained and informed, plus learnt a few things. I’ve posted comments on a few of the other cpd23ers blogs, and on some other blogs that I’ve read this week. I’ve found it best to either comment immediately after reading it, or to make notes to remind me to respond later in the day. Now I just need someone to comment on my small number of posts to give me the practice of replying! I’m sure that will come with time.

CPD23 Thing 1: Blogging

This is the first post on my blog, which I’ve started for a combination of professional development and personal reasons. I’ve wanted to blog for a while, but not found the time to do it so signing up for CPD23 this month has given me the incentive. I had started 23 Things a couple of years ago, but didn’t get very far for a number of reasons. I’m now committed to seeing it all the way through, even though I’m already behind as thing 1 was due last week.

The appeal of CPD23 is two-fold;  it’s self-directed learning, which I know I enjoy, and it’s going to introduce me to a wide variety of tools and techniques to manage myself and my brand. The latter is important as I’m standing as a candidate for SLA’s President-Elect this summer.

I was also encouraged to start blogging by a comment from a very social media savvy friend, that there aren’t enough senior people in the information profession using blogs to share their thoughts.