#blogjune post 12: Organising my time and tasks: the joys of bullet journals

I decided to concentrate today’s post on organising my time & tasks. I’ve been using bullet journal for the last 14 months & love it. I noticed an article in this week’s Observer newspaper on the rise of bullet journals which got me thinking about my use of them.

I initially heard about bullet journals from Jo Alcock’s blog post. I was looking for a simple way to organise my tasks that would allow me to use both analogue and digital devices. Bullet journals let me keep track of what I need to do and what I’ve done. If I don’t have my bullet journal with me I simply make a note on my phone and then transfer it at a later date.
Have read Jo’s comments on bullet journals I followed this up with a few You Tube videos & many hours on Pinterest. I then took the plunge & started using it on a daily basis.
I quickly learnt to value the contents list at the start (what you’d expect from a librarian) as a way of keeping track of my thoughts & tasks in the notebook.
It’s good for keeping ideas in one place, like lists (or collections as they’re known in bullet journal parlance) of films, exhibitions or plays I want to see. Then ticking them off once I’ve seen them, or scratching them through if I decided not to see them. Plus I appreciate having details of my crafting accomplishments in one place. A log of achievements for the year.
The month task log  & day logs are a great way for organising my time. Over the last year I’ve begun to notice what tasks I procrastinate over & prioritise these to get them done quicker; there’s still room for improvement there.

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