I’m taking part in #blogJune

5374200948_539b10fb1c_mIt’s been a while since I’ve blogged and as it’s the  June 1st I thought I’d take part in the Blog June initiative (the challenge is to blog every day of June). My Twitter feed was full of entries for this from folks in Australia this morning (my time) and I thought it looked like a good thing to take part in. I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep to the spirit and blog daily, or comment on someone else’s blog.

I’ve spent today making lists of things to blog about; June is a busy month with several library conferences and CILIP meetings to attend, so plenty to blog about. There’s so much to cover: virtual meetings; transferable skills; changing sectors; job hunting advice; handling failure; getting ready for conferences; how to make the best of your conference experience post conference, to name just a few. I just have to find the time to write and publish the blogs.

Better get this posted before the end of 1st June.




3 thoughts on “I’m taking part in #blogJune

  1. Dear Graeme,

    Thanks for your message; it’s good to know someone will be following my daily blogs. It looks like you had a great time on your trip to Europe two years ago.

    I shall be following your #blogjune.


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