Challenges and opportunities of working globally

Increasingly we’re all working and thinking more internationally, a recent example of this for me was the UK interest in the recent US elections. I can remember a time when I was considered odd for wanting to sit up all night to watch the results on TV, but then being half American meant I had a personal interest in the result. How things have changed thanks to technology in the form of internet and Twitter.

There are obvious challenges and opportunities that working globally presents from cultural issues to time zone nightmares. I’m speaking, via Skype, to the SLA Silicon Valley chapter later this week about ‘What being international means for SLA and our members’. I covered some of what I’ll be talking about in one of my responses to the board candidates’ questions  posted on SLA’s Blog earlier this summer. I have plenty of personal experience of working globally from my time at BBC, and learnt a lot about different cultures when answering questions from World Service staff. But that was nine years ago so may be dated. To ensure I’m as balanced and inclusive as possible I’d like to hear from others about what they see as the:

  • challenges of working internationally;
  • benefits of working internationally;
  • opportunities of working internationally.

And I’d be interested to hear responses from those working in a global company or being part of a professional association.

Please post responses on this blog, or via Twitter (@katefromuk) or  email (


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