Are you ready for SLA’s Board of Directors 2013 election?

Ballot box imageSummer’s almost over, the Paralympics in London has started so that means September is just around the corner. For SLA that means it’s almost board of directors election time. I’m standing as a candidate for President-Elect and have been busy meeting and conversing with members, as have all the other candidates, since the early summer. We met a lot of people at conference, have all participated in webinars, and between 5-26 September SLA’s membership will vote.

Biographical details – for more information on each of the candidates, see our biogs on SLA’s website.

Candidates’ questions and answers – each candidate has answered five questions on SLA’s main blog. The questions cover the following topics:

  • advice on non-traditional careers;
  • when and why we joined SLA;
  • what our newest techie gadget is;
  • professional and personal benefits of participation in SLA;
  • involving SLA members outside North America.

Webinars –
treasurer candidates recording of questions and answers and cabinet chairs candidates recording of questions and answers (these are large files so may take a while to download).

President-Elect candidates’ podcasts – both Juanita and I have recorded interviews with SLA Europe.

X marks your vote

Don’t forget the election runs 5-26 September. All members eligible to vote (excludes organisational and honorary) will be sent an email with details of how to vote online. So remember to get out and vote early.

Finally, during my candidate process I’ve had people ask me about how to find out about what being on the Board of Directors involves, and how they can follow what’s happening at regular Board meetings. Two-fold response to that: look at the Board pages on SLA’s website, you’ll find details of recent meetings as well as position descriptions for the various roles; and don’t be afraid to contact the Board directly to raise concerns or issues. You elected them and they’re there to serve you and the Association.


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